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George R R Martin The Author of A Dance With Dragons

George R R Martin Was born on September 20, 1948 in a town called Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. He was first published in 1971 at the age of 21. ”The Hero” was published by Galaxy.

In 1979 George R R Martin became a full time writer and was writer-in-residence at Clarke College from 1978-79.

Later in 1986 George R R Martin moved to Hollywood and became a story editor for The Twilight Zone which many people will remember as one of the biggest SFI/Horror television shows of the late 80′s and early 90′s.

After this Martin worked on Beauty and the Beast with CBS and Doorways with Columbia Pictures. More recently George R R Martin has been working with HBO and has very successfully adapted his own series A Song Of Ice And Fire - Game of Thrones into one of the most popular TV series of 2011. The TV version has been widely accepted worldwide as one of the best Book to TV adaptions of recent years.

It has also I am sure boosted sales of the long awaited for A Song Of Ice And Fire Book 5 - A Dance With Dragons which many people (myself included) have been waiting 5 or more years to be released.

George R R Martin has won over 13 major and countless small awards for his many writing achievements with his novels, TV scripts, novellas, novelettes & collections.

He is also known for his openness and accessibly to his fans as a regular regular, decades-long attendance at science fiction conventions and comics conventions.

George R R Martin’s official fan club is the “Brotherhood Without Banners” who have a regular posting board at the Forum of the website, which is centered upon his “A Song Of Ice and Fire” fantasy series with of course much recent activity regarding the recetn release of A Dance With Dragons.

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